Our Philosophy

The fashion industry is second only to oil as the most polluting industry in the world.  Consignment allows us to create positive change. Our desire to leave the world a better place initially sparked our decision to open N&N. As a parent, you realize it’s not just about you anymore. With three boys in our family, it is extremely important to recycle and enhance earth for our future generations.

With this in mind N&N was founded in 2011 with the intention of empowering women, our community and contribute to positive sustainability.  As a community-oriented boutique, we value connecting with people and becoming a part of the fabric of Raleigh and are fueled by a culture dedicated to providing a supportive environment for local artisans and promote creative culture for people to thrive.

We believe there is a story behind every woman, that you can wear high quality clothes without paying a full price, without looking like everybody else.  We invite you to come in and discover your unique, inner self and express that intention through your wardrobe and  have fun while doing it!



thin-manThe Name

The name Nora and Nicky’s was derived from the popular 1930’s Thin Man movie series, based on the novels of Dashiell Hammett. The series follows Nick and Nora Charles, an adventurous married couple who solve murder mysteries while exchanging witty repartee. Cathy, who loves classic movies almost as much as she loves classic designers, even named her two boxers after the iconic duo.




cathyThe Owner

Cathy Brooks fell in love with consignment shopping in 2010, and immediately recognized that high-end consignment is a perfect niche for women who love sharing designer pieces with their friends. Whether it’s the classic lines of Louis Vuitton, the spirited femininity of Kate Spade, or the sleek silhouettes of Elie Tahari, Cathy has an eye for style, and a genuine passion for sharing amazing fashion finds with her Nora and Nicky’s clientele. Cathy is a Raleigh resident who spends her free time with her husband and three boys.



outreach2Community Outreach

We are proud to support the efforts of Dress For Success of the Triangle and the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation. Every time you choose to donate your unsold items, you are helping to support these great community organizations!

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